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Mahogany Coconut & Teakwood Candle

Mahogany Coconut & Teakwood Candle

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Mahogany Coconut Teakwood

A hint of coconut takes this version of deep woodsy fragrances of Mahogany and Teakwood to the next level of peaceful indulgence.

Top Notes: Green, Citrus, Fruit, & Coconut

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Rose, Lily of the Valley

Base Notes: Wood, Musk, Vanilla

 Each tin is 8 oz. All cotton wicks. Burn time is approximately 33 hours.

Wax is a combination of coconut-paraffin- (minimal soy) wax blend yielding a creamy white texture with excellent hot and cold throw properties. This blend does not bother my soy allergies.

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